(from left to the right) Josué, Vega, Nelson, Vinícius e Sérgio

      Nelson Oliveira ( Trumpet ) – Born in Rio de Janeiro is trumpeter graduated from the School of Music of UFRJ where he also attended the Master of Music (trumpet ) , and a post -graduate degree in Teaching Higher Education Candido Mendes University . Acts as first trumpet of the Petrobras Symphony Orchestra , National Symphony Orchestra ( UFF ) , Brass Quintet mp5 ( ) and is a member of the International Trumpet Guild ( ITG ) . Integrated suits the Brazilian Symphony Orchestra ( also acting as soloist Series in the "Concerts for Youth " ) and the Municipal Theater of Rio de Janeiro. Served as " Principal Trumpet " in the Youth Orchestra of Mercosur participated in numerous recordings with such orchestras .He was professor of trumpet at the Music School and Villa- Lobos School of Music of UFRJ , first trumpet of Funarj Youth Orchestra and Symphonic Band of the Fire Department of the State of Rio de Janeiro . He has worked as a soloist in various orchestras and chamber music has developed intense activity . Masters had as trumpeters Arthur Terry Rubens Brandão and Kenneth AuBuchon.Especializou up with international soloists Penzarella Vincent ( NY Philharmonic ) , Raymond Mase ( American Brass Quintet ) and Charlie Schlueter ( Boston Symphony ) . Comes also acting alongside big names of Instrumental Music as well as in concerts and recordings with the big names of the MPB ( Caetano Veloso , Gilberto Gil , Gal Costa , Simone, Milton Nascimento, Ivan Lins, Emilio Santiago , Leila Pinheiro , Rita Lee , Ivete Sangalo , Zeca Pagodinho , among others ) .

      Vinicius Lugon ( Trumpet ) – Born in Nova Friburgo , began his musical studies at the Musical Society Charitable Friburguense Campesina in 1982 . In 1991 came to Rio de Janeiro attend degree in trumpet at UFRJ . In 1997 he joined the suit trumpets the Brazilian Symphony Orchestra , where he remained until 2002. In 2002 , he joined the suit trumpets the Petrobras Symphony Orchestra . Was trumpeter Symphonic Band of the Fire Department of the State of Rio de Janeiro , where he served as the first member of the group also trompete.Foi Metal Transformation of UFRJazz Ensemble Quintet and Metal Rio participated in several CD recordings with the Brazilian Symphony Orchestra and Petrobras Symphony Orchestra . Studied with teachers Paulo Roberto Mendonça , David Alves , Nelson Oliveira , Sebastian and Fernando Gonçalves Dissenha . Participated in several marter - classes , highlighting the taught by Wynton Marsalis , Robert Sullivan ( Cincinnati Symphony & Pops Orchestras ) , John Hagstrom (Chicago Symphony ) , Russel Devuyst ( Montreal Symphony ) and Charles Schlueter ( Boston Symphony ) . Currently part of the Petrobras Symphony and the Symphonic Orchestra of the Teatro Municipal in Rio de Janeiro .

      Josué Soares ( French Horn ) – Horn player of the Brazilian Symphony Orchestra and the Petrobras Symphony Orchestra , performing regularly as a guest with the Orchestra : Orchestra of the Municipal Theatre and the Philharmonic RJ RJ . Is currently studying a Bachelor of horn at the University of Rio de Janeiro ( UNI -RIO ) . Horn began his studies with Professor Zdenek Svab participating in various music festivals across the country , among which the Music Workshop of Curitiba , in addition to the Festivals of Juiz de Fora ( MG ) and Campos dos Goytacazes ( RJ ) . Develops intense chamber music ( Wind Quintet OSB , " Metal of OPES " , among other groups ) . He served in the Youth Orchestra of the Mercosur also participating in masterclasses with teachers Hermann Baumann , Vladmira Klanka , Radovan Vlatnovick David Joley and Jay Wadenpfuhl .

      Sérgio de Jesus ( Trombone ) – Natural RJ is Master in Music ( trombone ) from the School of Music of UFRJ , first trombone Orq . Symphony . National UFF , professor of trombone Brazilian Conservatory of Music and CEIM - UFF ( Extension Course in Music UFF ) . Integrates the Brazilian Trombone Quartet , which recently recorded a CD Tribute to Professor Gilberto Gagliardi . Also has served as a guest in the Petrobras Symphony and Philharmonic Orchestras of RJ .Studied with renowned teachers : Manoel Antonio , Ronald Barron , John Faieta , Curtis Olson ( USA ) , Jacques Ghesten and Michel Becquet (France ) . It is co-founder member of the Association of Trombonists and has served as a soloist in various orchestras and chamber groups in RJ . He also served as first trombone soloist of the Symphonic Band of the Marine Corps .In popular scenario has been working alongside big names of the MPB and instrumental music has participated in work with Francis Hime , Vítor Santos , Paulo Moura , Group " Foot of the Ear " , having served in Show " Brazil Brasileiro" in Europe and the Middle East; also participating in various editions of " Free Jazz Festival " as well as the film about the life of the great composer Villa- Lobos .

      Carlos Vega ( Tuba ) – It tubist National Symphony Orchestra and the Uff Orq . RJ Philharmonic . Often acts together with the Orchestra as a guest : Brazilian Symphony Symphony . the Municipal Theater of Rio de Janeiro and Org . Petrobras Symphony . Has attended various courses and workshops in Music in Brasilia , Curitiba and Londrina , specializing with tuba players Mark 's Angels ( SP ) , Bob Stewart and Daniel Havens ( NY ) . Participated in the Work Shop taught by renowned tubist Gene Pokorny (Chicago Synphony ) . Served as tuba solo Symphonic Band of the Marine Corps . He began his studies with Maestro misicais Raimundo dos Santos , later joined the School of Music of UFRJ , where his teachers Masters : Manoel da Silva , Jacques Guesten (France ) , Dalmário de Oliveira , Ernani Aguiar and Roberto Duarte . Acts frequently in groups : " Thursday Metallic " Band Bandstand Urban ( Carlos Malta) , Brass Tacks ( Amy Duncan ) and Tubas Carioca Quintet . He is also a member of the Philharmonic Band of Rio de Janeiro.

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